Advanced IELTS Vocabulary List An Ultimate Guide

Advanced IELTS Vocabulary List: An Ultimate Guide

IELTS is taken by study abroad aspirants or by international job seekers. It’s a standardized English language proficiency test that is accepted worldwide. The IELTS band score is scaled between 1-9 bands. One of the main scoring criteria is the IELTS vocabulary section. IELTS vocabulary carries almost 25% marks in the writing and speaking part. Having a good vocabulary is vital to achieving cutting-edge results in the IELTS exam. 

In this blog, we will mention some advanced IELTS vocabulary lists. So, if you are thinking of taking an IELTS exam, hopefully, this blog will help you a lot. 

Why is IELTS vocabulary important?

The IELTS test consists of four modules and each module has a common section that is vocabulary. Not only that IELTS vocabulary contributes 25% of marks in the writing and speaking section. Besides if you’ve knowledge about the advanced level of vocabulary it also helps you in the reading and listening section. 

30 most important IELTS vocabulary list  

Check out the 30 most important IELTS vocabulary with meaning here-

IELTS vocabularyMeaning
Garbage cantrashcan
campaignto set up
To desertto abandon
Romp inWin easily
Come downAttack or punish
Kick backRelax
Pass overIgnore
Go byThe passing of time

20 advanced IELTS vocabulary list with meaning

We all focus on basic English or basic vocabulary. Basic English is excellent but advanced English is always smarter. Here is the list of 20 advanced IELTS vocabulary with meanings.

Advanced IELTS vocabularyMeaning
A piece of cakeVery easy
Break a legGood luck
On the ballAlert and efficient
Hit the sackGo to bed
Cross your fingersHope for good luck
Break the iceTo start a conversation 
A penny for your thoughtsAsking someone what they are thinking
Beat around the bushAvoid directly addressing an issue
In the blink of an eyeVery quickly
Piece of adviceA helpful suggestion
Catch someone red-handedCatch someone for doing something wrong
Take offTo remove or become airborne
Bring aboutTo cause or make something happen
Put up withTo tolerate or endure something
Carry onTo continue doing something
Give backTo return something that was taken
Get inTo enter or arrive at a place
Put offTo postpone or delay something
Get the hang ofUnderstand and become skilled at something
Look intoTo investigate or examine something
Break upTo end a relationship or disperse

Final Words

Vocabulary is one of the main parts of IELTS.  No one can score a good result without having a good knowledge of vocabulary. In this blog, we have mentioned some most important vocabulary for IELTS with meaning. Hopefully, it will help you a lot. But if you want to practice more you always contact AIMS English


What vocabulary do I need for IELTS?

Ans: Any kind of vocabulary you can practice for the IELTS. You must have a collection of at least 6000 vocabularies for IELTS. 

How can I memorize IELTS vocabulary?

Ans: Let’s explore the steps to memorize the vocabulary for the IELTS
Find a source you enjoy
Write down in the notebook
Consume your resource
Note down the new words
Look up the words with meaning
Review new words with meaning

Where can I find a vocabulary for IELTS?

Ans: You can find vocabulary from the dictionary, Saifur’s vocabulary, or from AIMS English. 

How can I learn vocabulary faster?

Ans: To learn vocabulary faster you’ve to follow a step. That is instead of writing lists of random words, try to put them in sentences.

How can I improve my vocabulary for IELTS in 7 days?

Ans: Let’s explore the process to improve your vocabulary in 7 days-
Find a source you enjoy
Write down in the notebook
Consume your resource
Note down the new words
Look up the words with meaning
Review new words with meaning

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