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Grammar is essential for taking an IELTS program. A good grammar will help you to make progress in all the four modules reading, writing, listening and speaking. We provide English grammar courses from the basic to advanced level. Where you can choose a particular grammar lesson that you need to learn to improve your English. A regular practice in grammar will mainly help you to improve your speaking and writing skills because grammar is actively used in reading and writing to express your feelings and ideas. We believe that learning grammar should be fun and engaging.

That’s why we have included interactive elements in our lessons, such as videos and games, to make your learning experience more enjoyable.Whether you are looking to improve your writing skills for school, work, or personal reasons, our grammar lessons are here to help. Start exploring our lessons today and take the first step towards become better in English!


Adjective is a prepositional phrase that describes a noun or pronoun. And prepositions are used in a way known as adjective complements. Prepositions always come after the adjectives.

Article is a word that comes before the noun to show if the noun is specific or general. For example: ( A, An, The)

Subject verb agreement provides the rule where the subject must agree with the verb in number. If a subject is singular then the verb will also be singular

Noun identifies a person, animal or an object. Pronouns are commonly used to refer the position of a noun or noun phrase

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