Aims English

A leadership team with vision

Working collaboratively to ensure every student achieves academically, socially, and emotionally

Our Faculty

Syed Sujon


Md. Ali Zaker Kabir

Operations Manager

Ali Akbar

IELTS Instructor( IELTS Band Score - 8.0)

Ahmed Al Kabir


Sumaiya Akter Sanju

Assistant manager

Emdadur Rahman Emad

Assistant manager

Masrour Farabi

IELTS Instructor( IELTS Band Score 8.0)


IELTS Instructors(IELTS Academic UKVI: 8 Overall)

Mahfuz Khan Mahin

IELTS instructor(Band Score 7)

Emdadul Haq Milon

IELTS instructor(7.5)

Md Muminul Islam

IELTS Instructor( IELTS Band Score -7.5)

Md Hafizur Rahman Chowdhury

IELTS Instructor(Band Score-7)

Md Najmul Amin

Language instructor( IELTS Band Score -7.0)

Tarek Hasan

IELTS Instructor( IELTS Band Score -6.5)

Jakia Jahan Purnima

Admission Officer

Salman Mahmud Shakib


Saifur Rahman

Student Support Officer

Toyobur Rahman

Marketing Officer

Fabiha Anbar Choity

IELTS Instructor(IELTS Band Score : 7)

Nadia Akther Chowdhury

Admission Officer

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