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Learn some commonly Used "Appearance" Related English Vocabularies

Appearance refers to the way someone or something looks or presents itself. Having a wide vocabulary related to appearance can help you describe people, objects, and places in a more detailed and precise way.

Aesthetic – সৌন্দর্যময়, আকর্ষণীয় | Synonyms: artistic, beautiful, pleasing | Antonyms: ugly, unattractive, unpleasant

Attractive – আকর্ষণীয়, চমৎকার | Synonyms: appealing, charming, captivating | Antonyms: repulsive, unappealing, unattractive

Elegant – সুশোভিত, মনোহর | Synonyms: graceful, refined, stylish | Antonyms: clumsy, ungraceful, unstylish

Handsome – সুদর্শন, কমলাকান্ত | Synonyms: attractive, good-looking, charming | Antonyms: unattractive, ugly, plain

Beautiful – সুন্দর, সৌন্দর্যময় | Synonyms: pretty, lovely, stunning | Antonyms: ugly, unattractive, plain

Dashing – আকর্ষণীয়, সুদর্শন | Synonyms: debonair, stylish, elegant | Antonyms: dull, unattractive, unstylish

Radiant – প্রকাশমান, জ্বলজ্বল | Synonyms: bright, shining, glowing | Antonyms: dull, dark, gloomy

Stunning – অবাককর, চমত্কার | Synonyms: amazing, astonishing, impressive | Antonyms: unimpressive, ordinary, unremarkable

Striking – প্রবল, চমকপ্রদর | Synonyms: eye-catching, impressive, noticeable | Antonyms: ordinary, unremarkable, plain

Unique – অনন্য, অদ্বিতীয় | Synonyms: distinctive, exclusive, singular | Antonyms: common, ordinary, typical

Exquisite – পূর্ণতঃ সুন্দর, সুদর্শন | Synonyms: beautiful, elegant, graceful | Antonyms: unrefined, ugly, unattractive

Imposing – প্রভাবশালী, দক্ষতাসম্পন্ন | Synonyms: impressive, commanding, grand | Antonyms: unimpressive, insignificant, small

Mysterious – রহস্যময়, সুযোগ্যমতি | Synonyms: enigmatic, puzzling, intriguing | Antonyms: obvious, clear, transparent

Alluring – আকর্ষণীয়, মোহনীয় | Synonyms: charming, enticing, seductive | Antonyms: unattractive, repulsive, unappealingMajestic – রাজসী, স্বৈরাচ্ছন্ন | Synonyms: grand, impressive, regal | Antonyms: unimpressive, insignificant, ordinary

Adorable – প্রিয়, করুণাময় | Synonyms: cute, charming, lovable | Antonyms: unappealing, unattractive, repulsive

Homely – ঘরবসতি, আবারজনপ্রিয় | Synonyms: cozy, comfortable, plain | Antonyms: grand, luxurious, elegant

Rugged – অসমাপ্ত, অসংসারী | Synonyms: tough, sturdy, strong | Antonyms: fragile, delicate, weak

Winsome – প্রীতিময়, মনোযোগী | Synonyms: charming, delightful, appealing | Antonyms: unattractive, repulsive, unappealing

Strapping – শক্তিশালী, দক্ষতাসম্পন্ন | Synonyms: strong, sturdy, robust | Antonyms: weak, fragile, delicate

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