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Learn Some commonly used "Human Body" Related English Vocabularies

Learning vocabulary related to the human body is essential for effective communication in everyday life, as well as in professional fields like healthcare and biology.Understanding the different parts of the human body and their functions can help you communicate more clearly and effectively, particularly when discussing health concerns. Using these words in your writing and conversation can help you express yourself more accurately and precisely.

Abdomen – পেট | Synonyms: belly, stomach, midriff 

Backbone – কমরবিন্দু | Synonyms: spine, vertebral column, backbone 

Blood vessels – রক্তনালি | Synonyms: veins, arteries, capillaries

Brain – মস্তিষ্ক | Synonyms: cerebrum, gray matter, intellect 

Cartilage – হাঁটুপাতল | Synonyms: gristle, connective tissue, cushioning 

Diaphragm – শ্বাসকেন্দ্র | Synonyms: thoracic diaphragm, breathing muscle, partition 

Elbow – হাতের কুঁই | Synonyms: joint, cubital joint, hinge 

Fingernail – নখ | Synonyms: nail, claw, talon

Gallbladder – পিত্তস্ত্রাব | Synonyms: cholecyst, biliary bladder, cystic duct 

Genitals – লিঙ্গ | Synonyms: reproductive organs, private parts, sex organs 

Heart – হৃদয় | Synonyms: cardiac muscle, ticker, pump

Intestines – অন্তঃস্থুল | Synonyms: bowels, gut, colon 

Kidneys – কিডনি | Synonyms: renal organs, excretory system, urinary tract 

Lungs – ফুসফুস | Synonyms: respiratory system, pulmonary organs, breathing apparatus 

Muscles – পেশী | Synonyms: tendons, sinews, flesh

Skeleton – কংকাল | Synonyms: bones, framework, structure 

Skin – ত্বক | Synonyms: epidermis, dermis, integument  

Spinal cord – স্পাইনাল কর্ড | Synonyms: spinal column, neural tissue, nerve pathway

Throat – ঘা | Synonyms: pharynx, esophagus, windpipe 

Veins – রক্তনালি | Synonyms: blood vessels, arteries, capillaries 

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