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Learn some commonly used "Daily Life" Related English Vocabularies

Daily life refers to the activities, tasks, and routines that we perform on a daily basis. These activities can range from the mundane, like brushing your teeth or doing laundry, to the more complex, like managing your finances or navigating a workday. Vocabulary related to daily life is essential for communicating with others, whether you’re discussing your routine with friends or colleagues, asking for directions, or describing a typical day.

Commute – উপনিবেশ করা | Synonyms: travel, journey, trek

Errands – কাজ | Synonyms: tasks, missions, chores 

Groceries – মুদি | Synonyms: food, provisions, supplies 

Hygiene – স্বাস্থ্যসম্বন্ধীয় | Synonyms: cleanliness, sanitation, grooming 

Laundry – কাপড় ধোয়া | Synonyms: washing, cleaning, clothes care

Meals – খাদ্য | Synonyms: food, cuisine, diet

Nap – ঘুম | Synonyms: sleep, doze, rest 

Routine – দৈনন্দিন | Synonyms: schedule, regimen, pattern  

Shower – স্নান | Synonyms: bath, wash, cleanse

Sleep – ঘুম | Synonyms: rest, slumber, nap

Sports – খেলা | Synonyms: athletics, games, physical activity 

Study – অধ্যয়ন করা | Synonyms: learn, research, educate oneself 

Television – টেলিভিশন | Synonyms: TV, broadcasting, programming 

Traffic – যানবাহন | Synonyms: vehicles, transportation, congestion

Work – কাজ | Synonyms: job, employment, labor

Yoga – যোগা | Synonyms: exercise, stretching, meditation

Housework – ঘরের কাজ | Synonyms: domestic chores, cleaning, tidying

Leisure – মনোরম সময় | Synonyms: free time, recreation, relaxation 

Time management – সময় ব্যবস্থাপনা | Synonyms: scheduling, prioritizing, organization

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