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7 Best Ways to Speak English Fluently

7 Best Ways to Speak English Fluently

University, education abroad or job, the need for English is beggar description. And if you can speak English fluently it will take you to the position you have always dreamt of. Fluency is a stage of learning a language appropriately. If you take any English language test, you will be taught four modules of English such as- reading, writing, speaking and listening. But if you ask which is the most important part of learning English the answer will be speaking. Because reading and writing is not mandatory everywhere but listening and speaking is needed everywhere. Speaking English fluently is mandatory because if your English is not good enough nobody will understand your thoughts properly. 

In this article we will show you 7 best ways to speak English fluently. So, if you want to learn English go through the article and try to follow the rules mentioned here.

Why should you learn English?

Previously we discussed that English is mandatory in every sphere of life. Among 6500 languages in the world, English is considered and accepted as an international language. But now you may ask if you are not from a non- English speaking country then why you have to learn English or need to speak English fluently.  Alright. Now it’s the time of globalization. So, you often need to communicate with the people of other countries for education, job, or business purposes. And for communication it’s mandatory to learn English or improve English fluency. 

7 ways to speak English fluently 

So, are you looking for ways to speak English fluently? Alright. You are at the right place. Here we are giving you 7 simple and effective ways to speak English fluently. So let’s start it.

Start your day with English

If you want to speak English fluently, you’ve to increase your practice limit in English. You should start your day with English. Such as- After waking up in the morning try to communicate with the people of your home in English. Besides, there are a lot of things that you can do in your morning English routine. Such as- read vocabulary/journals. 

Practice English in front of mirror

To improve English fluency, you should speak with yourself in front of the mirror. It is the best way to remove your Speaking barriers or shyness in English.

Try to communicate with your friends in English 

Generally we spend most of the day with our friends. We make fun of them, gossip with them. So, the best way to speak English fluently is if we communicate with them in English. It will help you to remove your inertia in English. 

Memorize vocabulary with example

To speak fluently in English, you’ve to keep in touch with vocabulary. Without a good knowledge of vocabulary no one can learn English properly. So, you should always try to memorize vocabulary with real life examples. It will help you to understand the use of vocabulary in the proper way. 

Read English journals

Always try to read English journals that will help you to learn new vocabulary and new sentences. It is very helpful to speak English fluently. 

Work on your pronunciation

There are two types of accent in English. One is a British accent and the other is an American accent. You should pick one and try to follow their accent properly. You must be aware of your pronunciation because if your pronunciation is not good or appropriate no one can understand your words. 

Try to think anything in English

We generally think a lot of things or brainstorm a lot of ideas. It’s very common for everyone. So, if you try to think anything in English or try to talk with yourself in English it could be helpful for you to speak English fluently. 

Final Words

Fluency is the top level of learning a language properly. Always keep in mind that English is just a language. So, stop getting afraid of it. Try to follow the steps to speak English fluently. But if you are still facing difficulties in English fluency, you can always contact AIMS English. AIMS English is the best IELTS and spoken English provider in Bangladesh.


How can I improve my English fluency?

Ans: By following some regular steps you can speak English fluently. Such as-
Practice English regularly
Read English journals
Memorize vocabulary with examples etc.

Can I speak English in 3 months?

Ans: Yes, English is just a language. If you practice it on a regular basis you can speak English in 3 months. But if you want to speak English fluently, you’ve to practice more and more.

How to speak English fluently in 30 days?

Ans: To speak English fluently in 30 days you should practice English at least 1 hour a day. But if you practice more, it will be better for your English fluency.

How can I practice English alone?

Ans: Practice English alone is the best way to become fluent in English. To practice English alone you have to speak English in front of the mirror, think in English or read English journals.

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