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How to learn English step by step

How to learn English step by step?

Do you know English is the most spoken language in the world? How to learn English step by step is a popular search in the search engine. About 1.348 billion people use English as a first or second language. English is the popular medium to communicate globally, and it’s mandatory to learn English properly.

Here we will discuss the step-by-step techniques on how to learn English quickly.

How to learn English easily?

  1. Don’t stop speaking in English. I know we hesitate to speak in English, thinking that people will mock us. The best way to learn English speaking is to communicate in English. If it is not possible to talk with people in English every time, talk standing before the mirror.
  2. Try to describe whatever you see in English. Speak in your mind and try to make the sentences in a structured way.
  3. Start reading. The more will you read, the more you will become familiar with new words and sentence structures.
  4. Be responsible and make the target. When you are target-oriented on fluency, you will reach the goal soon.
  5. Knowing lots of vocabulary will enhance the chance of learning English fastly. You can use flashcard techniques to boost your vocabulary.
  6. Watch English tv-series and movies. Besides, listening to English songs without subtitles. To furnish the pronunciation, try to sing in English also.
  7. Try to learn how native English speakers speak and pay attention to the accent.
  8. There is no alternative to practice. The more you practice, the more you will be proficient. So try to find out a learning community and practice with them.
  9. Make a practice of keeping a journal. Write every day to day life activities in English.

These are the best way to learn English speaking for beginners.

Here are some effective tips for learning English step by step

  • Set goal to learn English

The best way to learn English for beginners starts with setting up a goal. There is a purpose behind learning everything. So you must have a purpose for learning English. The essential requirement for a student visa is the minimum English proficiency. So as an international student, if your goal is to study abroad in the UK, USA, or Canada, you must set the goal of the required score you need to obtain. Setting up a goal will motivate you when English becomes boring and tough.

  • Make a habit of speaking English every day.

The best way to learn English speaking quickly is to speak in English every day. You will get fluency only when you have conversation practice with a fluent speaker every day. If your question is how can I learn English by myself, I would break the mental barrier of people’s sayings. The more you will make a habit of speaking to learn English, the fast you will get proficient.

  • Attend the English discussion group or class

You cannot learn English by yourself. You have to speak to the people or group to get the fluency. To learn English with proper fluency, you can attend a class like AIMS English. AIMS English is running a course on English advanced spoken, grammar and writing, and IELTS. They also have the speaker’s club and writing club. You can find the professional trainer in AIMS English. Besides, you can take many mock tests from AIMS English. That’s how by attending the English discussion group or class, you can fluently learn English.

  • Create a study schedule to learn English

A routine-wise study is always better than the unplanned one. The study schedule is the best way to learn English speaking properly. The more detailed your study schedule is, the more fastly you will learn English. Make a study schedule according to the four sections of English learning- Reading, writing, listening and speaking.

  • Read everyday

You must make a habit of reading English newspapers and books every day. But don’t do the skim reading. Read the full sentence. It will help you learn the sentence structure and, most importantly, vocabulary. When you read the English newspaper every day, you will learn varieties vocabulary on politics, social activities, literature etc.

  • Select the tool you want to use

A proper tool is the best way to learn English speaking perfectly. Here I am showing you six tools. Check them all and decide which one is appropriate for you.

  •  Learning individually by a trainer

Ok, here I am giving you the answer on how to learn English speaking properly. If you have problems learning with big groups, you can learn by the one-on-one method. Do you know that AIMS English helps the students learn English fast and quickly? Wanna know how? The teachers of AIMS English will design the classroom according to the student’s needs. AIMS English is very comfortable for learning English as they have skilled trainers. If you are a student who needs special care, they will offer you the teaching method that suits you. As an international student, you can obtain a student visa to study abroad.

  • Attend the language classes

If you haven’t problems with group learning, you can attend the language class. AIMS English designs small-sized language classes where there will be a minimum of students. It is a good opportunity to gain speaking skills by interacting with many learners at a time. Besides, In AIMS English, you can give many mock tests to check your proficiency.

  •  Online English learning programs to learn English

You can learn English through online English learning programs. These programs give you a lesson plan and structure to follow. The cons of these programs are that they don’t have any teaching guidance.

  •  Reading Method

The reading method is the best answer on how to learn English by myself. Usually, it is the best way to gain English skills. You will find many quizzes and questions in a textbook method to solve. It is a great way to learn grammar and sentence structure.

  • Flashcards

Flashcards are a great medium to practice English properly. It will help you learn English vocabulary. So, when your vocabulary will be enriched, it will help you to learn English speaking.

  •  Podcast

If you want to learn English and strengthen your listening skills, you can use the podcast method. The podcast will allow you to judge your listening ability.

  • Make a study partner.

Learning English will be away too easy when you have a partner. Learning English speaking will be easy when you have a partner. If you want to study in the UK, USA, and Canada, you must have English fluency to get a student visa. In this case, if you have a study partner, you can speak and check each other’s fluency.

  • Mistakes can happen

Mistakes can happen. If you are too aware of your mistakes, you will never be able to learn correctly. So stop focusing on errors. Instead, pay attention to learning.

  • Include English in your daily life

When your motive is to learn English quickly, the best way I can suggest you include English in your daily life. When you speak in English without using the native language, you will gradually be able to grab the English speaking fluency.

  • Carry a dictionary

The best way to learn English for beginners is to have a firm grasp of vocabulary. Make a practice of carrying a dictionary. Note down the new words you notice every day. Try to find out the meaning of it. It will expand your vocabulary. This is how you can learn English step by step.

Improve the writing, Reading, and Listening skills

Only the practice of speaking won’t be enough to learn English properly. It is better to focus on writing, reading, and listening skills. To improve your writing, reading and listening skills, you can take an expert’s help. As per the student’s review, AIMS English is the best place to practice English. The teachers are very cordial and friendly. Their teaching method is also up to the mark. You can improve your English by participating in many mock tests offered by them. Moreover, no matter how good are you in English, if your pronunciation is not good, eventually you will step behind.

FAQ-Frequently Asked Question

Q. Which sections need to improve for proficiency in English?

Ans: There are four sections you need to improve to gain proficiency in English. Give mock tests on Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.

Q. Who can help me to learn English?

Ans: You can take help from anyone. But if you are looking for a reliable one, I would suggest you take AIMS English help. The teachers of AIMS English are very cooperative and wise. They will help you until you get the targeted efficiency.

Q. Why is English most important to learn?

Ans: English is a globally recognized language. Suppose you want to study abroad. Do you know for an international student, it’s mandatory to gain the required eligibility in the English language? Otherwise, you cannot even able to apply to a British university.

Q. How can I improve my English?

Ans: To improve English and to learn English easily and properly, there is no exception to practice. Besides, make a study plan and follow the techniques to get proficiency.

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